From: James <>
To: Valente Alcantara Jr. <>
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 12:44:50 PM
Subject: Dinner Show Date

Hi DJ Jun,

Thanx again for your DJ services during the Rally.  You Rock!

Talk to you soon.

Changing 1 Million Lives,

James Tanti

Regional Manager

Center of Excellence

549 S. State College Blvd

Fullerton, Ca, 92831


From: "" <>
To: Jun Alcantara <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2009 1:07:31 PM
Subject: Re: The Way You Look Tonight (Karaooke) Part 2

Hi Jun thank you for making our Mom's'bday party a successful you're one of them. We will be celebrating our parents 50th Golden Anniversary on May 10, 2011 pls save it in your calendar I let you know what date. I will be in charge this time. Thanks, Annabelle
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From: Josabel <>
To: Jun Alcantara <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:31:30 PM
Subject: Re: Baptismal Reception Program

Hi Jun! It was an honor to have you as our Dj! You truly made the party a success:) too bad I wasn't aware of your expertise during the time I had a baby shower and my first son's baptism. Now I know you are the only Dj I will ever hire and I'm definite that my family and friends feel the same way. Thank you again and I will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Take care and keep in touch!


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From: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2009 9:47:42 AM
Subject: Arquisola-Mendoza Wedding August 8, 2009

Hi DJ Jun,
    Just wanted to thank you for an unforgettable, memorable, and talked about fun fun fun wedding reception.  Everybody can't stop laughing, smiling, and enjoying themselves all throughout the night.  No dull moments at all.  You were awesome all around; a great host, emcee, comedian, and DJ.  Loved every minute of the wedding and we are very thankful that you were there helping us the whole time.  You are a man of your word:  Everybody was amazed and entertained!  All the memories are well worth it.... Thank you so so so much.....
We wish you many many more blessings to come!

Angeli & Marco Mendoza
August 8, 2009

Michelle posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"Halleluiah and thank you for your continued Love and Support of our Marriage...I still get soooo many compliments about the DJ at the wedding, they all LOVE you man!!!  the Mrs."

From: Maria de vera <>
To: Jun Alcantara <>
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2009 8:11:27 PM
Subject: Re: Father & Daughter Dance Music

Jun, Thank you again for being the Dj for my daughter's debut. I can't tell you how many compliments we've received about how funny, genuine, and entertaining you were. All of our guests enjoyed your sense of humor and your games. We also appreciated the variety in the music that you played. It was definitely aimed towards all ages. Rest assured that whenever we have another party, we will definitely ask you back or suggest you to any of our friends. So on behalf of the De Vera family and all of our guests, thank you!


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From: Lorna Barrera <>
To: Jun Alcantara <>
Subject: thank you note

Dear Jun,
        Thank you very much for making my daughter's graduation party a fun and memorable one.Everybody had a good time especially Michelle.God bless and keep up the good work.I'll be seeing you again in the future and of course highly recommended ka sa aking mga friends.Take care and give my regards to your family.                                                              
                                                                                   Tita Lorna

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From: "" <>
Subject: comments

jun,  our party was very successfull, most of the guest were asking about you, "sino ba yong magandang lalaki na yon?" ( biro lang yon!!!!!!) baka mayroon mag hire saiyo will give your number if you don't mind?.. pati yung mga puti they enjoyed very much sooooooooooooooooooooooo thank youvery muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


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From: Jay Bayot <>
Subject: Thank You

Hi Jun,

Thanks again for all your help and patience at the Saladmaster Convention this past weekend.  All I heard were great comments from the attendees and organizers about your work there. 


From: Evelyn G Rocillo <>
Subject: hello!

wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
from the Rocillo family

ps. we miss the cottilion, debut and most especially your very good service! you will be highly recommended! they love you!


Dear Jun,

Thank you so much for your wonderful job you did during our Holiday Party at Clarion Hotel. It was indeed a great success.

I have emailed Plan B for our record to make sure on our next holiday party will be implemented . 

There are some little issues (see below ) , however,  mostly the comment we got is –You’re terrific!

We are very pleased to hear the majority comment of all attendees (Case Managers , Contractors and Employees ) based

on what we have received phone call today “The best holiday party every had”  Herewith the as follows :

The food is excellent !  Vegetarian food is also great,  The dessert especially the cheese cake was delicious.
182  people have signed- in to our list . We told Clarion approx 179 -189 did  RSVP.  Actual count rsvp is - 220.
We have a great DJ only one game that some thought it’s inappropriate (the pot and spatula ) despite that
there is no malice on it.  However, during our Committee meeting last Nov 18 , he did informed the committee

about this game but no one disagree on it.

Will inform him to dis- regard this kind of game next time–For Plan B

Few our guests/employee  had experience validation problem. Despite that it was validated, the gate did not open
It’s good that there is a push button to talk to the Receptionist to open the gate. Will inform Clarion – Plan B

To request next time the DJ of more dancing portion at the beginning of the party after dinner.  Plan B
Suggested to have like 2 dancing instruction portion only.

Center pieces -to be announced by the DJ that it’s not for Give Aways – Plan B .  (next year)
Center pieces -  it was  well coordinated (gold and silver ) beautiful!!! Cleo and Bee did a great job !  Approximately   10 center pieces were missing after the party as some people have taken it.

For info.

Thanks and have a happy holiday!


From: elaine lapuz <>
To: Jun Alcantara <>
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 10:09:53 PM
Subject: Re: 18th B-Day Program and Music lists

anyway, ty dito sa info ha. i will go over them tapos update kita.  i am starting to look for the place which probably i will find by next month.  start na rin input for my check list.  i hate rushing kaya i will try my best to organize everything para sa entertainment at success ng party. salamat sobra sa pag accept mo na maging host sa 18th bday ni eunice on 10/10/09. isang malaking karangalan! ayan ha!

attached is our family picture para naman magkakilanlan.  ikaw sobrang fresh pa sa memory namin, lalo ang buong napakagaling mong hosting nung nov 22nd, monica's bday. shempre, super recommended kita pag may rinig akong parties dyan around.

by the way, did u attached the form for the registration? para siguradong pasok na. well, we have enough time pa naman.  basta we'll stay in touch.  until my next email.

ingat lang and salamat ulit.
best regards.

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From: Roberta Dirks <>
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008 9:30:27 AM
Subject: great party

Hi Chris and Jun-
Thank you so much for helping us make some good memories.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  You did a great job and I had people come up to me after the party and ask for your business cards (I'll be giving them your name and phone numbers). 
Thanks again,

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From: "Magpali, Erlinda E" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 6:32:19 AM
Subject: Needs you're Music Again

Good Morning Jun,

I hope you still remember me, I 'm a very good friend and sister of
you're Mom Patty and you're Auntie Nellie and I am  from the UNILAB
group. You did a good job on Fred's 65th B'day at the Embassy Suite ,
Anaheim 2 years ago. Are you still in the business?

How's you're  schedule looks like on May 18, 2008, (Embassy Suite, Brea
and it is for Mom's 90th B'day) );  Aug 2, 2008 ( Castaways, Burbank my
Auntie's 50th wedding anniversary  )  And Sept 27, 2008 (The Summit
House, Fullerton is my niece wedding )  These 3 events are all
relatives  party and I would like to ask you if you could  do these
dates for us.  Also, Let me know how much it would cost us  and I know
you will give me  a good price.

Hope to hear from you soon and everybody really enjoyed you're music.

Have a good Wednesday.

Erinda E. Magpali
The Boeing Company
C-17 Business Operations
Phone: 562-497-5518
Fax:    562-593-9846
e-mail: erlinda.e.magpali@boeing. com

Hi Jun,

Our honeymoon was great, though it was short, 3 days only then after that we went back to

work the following week.  Kailangan magtrabaho na, to pay the balance of the wedding.

(malaki pa rin ang babayaran, sad to say) but thank God nakaraos na rin with everybody’s

help.  Everyone seems to like the way you did our wedding, I hope my friend will hire you 

as their DJ.  Good luck, take care & God bless.


Hi jun
My party was a BLAST {that's what my guests said}.
We had so much fun,You made my friends dance and they
all enjoyed your games.
They like my DJ,YOU DID A GOOD JOB.
My friends might call U when they have a party.
If someone calls U and works at San Gab.Med. Cntr.,it
means i gave them ur card.
Thank God that we can be a blessing to you and ur
We have blessings from HIM so Praise GOD.
Maybe see you on jun's or my 50th b-day by Feb..
Thank you and God bless
---jun,mimi,samantha and aaron

Re: FINAL PROGRAM    Frank Dailo <> AddFriday, September 15, 2006 3:24:58AM
To:Jun Alcantara <>

JV Groove Entertainment by: DJ Jun Alcantara
DJ Jun Alcantara - (323) 868-3316 business cell.
This past Saturday was my daughters big day. Desiree, her friends, and family all celebrated her big 15! Everyone had a great time including her proud father =)

Big thanks to:
Abbie Isaacs of Abbie's Dance Fitness
Jun Alcantara the most excellent DJ
Marina of Caricatures by Marina
and all of the family that helped setup and breakdown the hall

Posted by: Fred Gamboa

Gamboa Photography